This will be a 4 part showcase of my Iyanden Eldar. They are showing their age, with regard to the paint scheme, and my techniques, but these go back a few years now! Also a little bit of minor damage from excessive game play is showing. Note that this set does not include the 30 Avengers which are missing in action right now... haha :D

Part 1 of the showcase covers all the "yellow" infantry / foot based models in the collection, so without further ado... enjoy!

As I mentioned before, I want to add some terrain pieces to my display board. I've bought Promethium Relay Pipes and a Manufactorum. By now I've started painting the pipes, which will also serve as test pieces for the paint scheme I have in mind for the buildings.

I wanted to go for a dark, muted red with a metallic sheen. I've picked out some details with dark grey and brass, but didn't paint every detail in the same way that I would have painted a miniature. It's just terrain after all, it shouldn't steal the show from my paint jobs. Plus I want to get these pieces ready as fast as possible, so I can go back to painting actual models. I can always add more details later.

What do you think? Would you like to see a tutorial for this paint scheme?

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