A new edition of Age of Sigmar has been announced at Warhammer Fest a week ago! Hurrah! Now is the time to the finish painting the first edition. I've been procrastinating about how to paint this Dracoth for a while now. In the end I've gone for a muted base colour with purple scales and a dull yellow underbelly. I think this desaturated scheme is needed for the Dracoth considering how brightly I paint my Stormcast in their Primal Kings colour scheme. The Dracoth is only temporarily glued (lightly) to a 50mm base. It's just so my Get-a-Grip (available for sale here) can hold it. 

This Stormtalon was originally painted in 2014, before the Stormhawk Interceptor was released. I wasn't happy with the front-heavy design, so I streamlined its Silhouette a little bit. Nowadays I probably would have just bought a Stormhawk. Despite its rather recent paint job, I still changed a few things like replacing the hand-painted weathering with more refined sponge weathering and upgrading the rather boring original base. Check out all the pictures after the jump.

I haven't posted in a while but that doesn't mean I wasn't busy working on my remaining older Ultramarines paint jobs. Here we have a Drop Pod for my recently reworked Sternguard Veterans. Apart from some sponge weathering, I also added scorch marks and burn damage that would occur while entering the atmosphere.

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