So my buddy wants to play my Skaven at the US Masters coming up in February. I told him if he wanted to take something I didn't have in my collection already I would happily paint it up if it wasn't too much. In the end he wanted one more WLC which is an easy and fun inclusion. I foolishly glued the wheels on during assembly and remembered that I didn't on my first one. I tried to work around them but I got frustrated and hulk smashed them off ... so much easier.

I'm at that tricky time during a project; assembling squads, undercoating and bosecoating. This has slowed production down. It took me over a week to assemble, undercoat and basecoat the Genestealers and Terminators from Deathstorm. I'm hoping to rattle through these quite quickly so it completes all the Tyranids from the set. Then it's just Terminators and Death Company to paint but more on the Imperials later...

If you remember my new year's resolutions, I vowed to do more repainting of my older Ultramarine models this year. A good break from painting Eldar vehicles.

So next up is reworking my Assault Squad. On the left you can see a couple of retouched models, on the right the models left to do. As you can see, I refined the highlights, especially on the blue armour. I'll also remove any wonky freehands and replace them with transfers (as well as adding the correct squad marking to the right shoulder guard). Last but not least, I'll add brown static grass to the base. This will bring the models more in line with my recently painted Ultramarines.

How about you? Ever tried to fix old paint jobs?

Work has been eating up my hobby time over the last couple weeks but I did manage to get through a couple more steps on the Longbeards. Above you can see how I most recently was playing with various patterns (and soon colors) for the shields.

Hey folks. Good evening to you all. As usual, I've been working on several projects at once. Most of them I started before I started writing for the blog and will be post here when they are completed this guy I will share along the way.

At this stage I have been mostly getting base colours and shade in place. Next up I'll be getting the uniform and cloak highlighted.

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