The Eldar Sketchbook is a book filled with the original Eldar concept art by Jes Goodwin, available in limited quantities only on Games Workshop/Warhammer store birthdays. A must have for any Eldar aficionado. Last weekend I took a five hours drive to acquire mine, so let's see if the book is worth it. More after the jump, including a comprehensive list of all the artworks included.

Still painting Wracks. The second batch is finished, and I started working on the third and final one. Which thankfully consists of only two models this time, including the Acolyte. The Acolyte was armed with a Hexrifle, to add some firepower to the squad. I'll be adding green glowing runes to the barrel, hope this will turn out cool. What do you think?

On other news, I'll be visiting Warhammer World this Friday to catch a glimpse of the new displays and have a look at Amy's models, which are currently part of a special exhibition. So if you want to see some Tale of Painters models in real life, this is your chance. See you there!

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