Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Showcase: Space Marine Luna Wolves

Hey all, hot on the heels of the Imperial Fists that I showed yesterday I bring some Luna Wolves. The models are by Forge World and I used brass etching for the shoulder icon's. I have worked many times before with the etching but usually large icons for vehicles. The smaller etching for shoulder details is actually really hard to work with. Unfortunately for me I did not get any photos as I was at the time photographing so many different models things all got a little in chaos. For painting I used a very similar scheme to the Forge World painting pdf. Give it a look as its pretty good. What do you think?

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Showcase: Tau Crisis Battle Suits

And another little Tau unit AND more battle suits! Crisis Suits of course. They actually are two teams, one of three with dual burst cannons and the other one of two with two missile pods each. The team leaders are identified by the little unit badges on the left side of their chest armour and slightly larger antennae on their "heads". Always nice working with these models. I know, they aren't the prettiest around but at this point and after being part of 40k for almost 13 years they are somewhat iconic and memorable models in their own right.

Showcase: Space Marine Imperial Fist Outriders

Hey all. Today I thought I'd show the Forge World Imperial Fist Outriders that I finished a few days ago. I painted these guys along with 3 Forge World Jetbikes. I really enjoyed working on these as I have have wanted to paint the Imperial Fist colour scheme for quite some time now. Yellow is a really nice colour to work with as at the same time of being bright it really gives you the opportunity to weather it a lot. I should hopefully get some photos up for the Jetbikes. But have put a taster photo below. What do you guys think?

Monday, 28 July 2014

Showcase: Chaos Space Marine Cultists

The Cultists from Dark Vengeance have been sat on my desk unpainted for a long time. In this showcase I share the first squad of ten completed. 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

WIP: Eldar Guardians of Iybraesil #3

Hey guys, I finished the first batch of Iybraesil guardians (the ones on the left), well apart from the heads, which will be painted seperately. I also made some good progress on the second batch (the ones on the right), hope to finish them this evening. How do you like them?

Showcase: Beastmen, Malagor the Dark Omen

Here he is, Malagor the Dark Omen. A Beastmen Bray-Shaman with a couple of unique rules and access to several of the better lores of magic. He is all but worshipped by other Beastmen who consider him the herald of doom for mankind.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Showcase: Tempestus Scions

Hello troops, once again its been a while and for that my sincere apologies. My gratitude as always to my fellow bloggers for wholeheartedly holding down the fort while the less committed among us (read - Rev) swan about painting slowly and posting even slower! Enough rambling - find after the jump my take on some Tempestus Scions in the form of a group attached to an imperial Inquisitor. These are a sort of Killzone/Kasrkin/Lucifers crossover unit. I was pretty happy with how they turned out....