Today I'd like to share my work on the Dark Angels Librarian from Dark Vengeance. One of the few remaining models I need to paint to complete the box set. Just as the Company Master, this is a really cool and dynamic sculpt. You can just imagine how he will "force choke" any enemy that dares to stand in his way. With the armour and robes done, I'm looking forward to work my way through all the details.

So, after painting a Wraithlord, I'm up to a small squad of five Dire Avengers. Eventually there will be another five models to bring the squad to full strength, but for now I'll stick to five for a quick and easy project. The sculpts really show their age, as the details on the legs and arms isn't that well defined and accuracy of fit isn't great either.

However, I still enjoy painting them so far, as I have a quite cool paint scheme in mind. I love how Aspect Warriors allow you to step away from your regular craftworld paint scheme and try something new. The armour will be dark blue, with sashes and ribbons in my trademark Iybraesil turquoise. The crests will be striped in yellow and turquoise, maybe even some magenta for the Exarch. I'm looking forward to see how they will turn out. Do you as well?

 I seem to be a on a roll recently with my Army of the Imperium, I just have a Librarian and Chaplain left to do and I would have completed both Dark Vengeance and Deathstorm boxed games. Adding those to my Grey Knight Army and my Hawkshroud Imperial Knight and my rag-tag collection is growing nicely. more pictures of this brooding Company Master after the jump. 

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