A year and a half ago, I painted this Forge World Avatar for my Craftworld Iybraesil collection, but I never completed it, as I wasn't sure what to do with his tabbard. He had a comfy place in my display cabinet, waiting to be finished some day, then the unfortunate happened: While I wanted to remove some other model, my sleeve caught the Avatar and I dropped it to the floor, smashing his sword arm. Now I finally found the time to repair the damage and put the last finishing touches to the tabbard. Check out the pictures after the jump.

Hey guys, I've just finished painting an Imperial Guardsman of my own custom regiment. I wanted a more gothic look than stock Cadians, so I went for custom bits: Medieval Helmets and Short Coat Legs from Anvil Industry's Trench Fighter ranger that we reviewed here.

I want my regiment to compliment my small Blood Angels collection, so I sticked to black, bone white and red. Nevertheless, it wasn't that easy to find a paint scheme I was happy with. I experimented with bone and red lasguns, and several approaches for painting the grey coats, until I settled on the paint scheme seen above. I imagine my regiment to hail from the Baal system, but I haven't come up with a name yet. Maybe you could help me out? What do you think?

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