Next up is the upper body of my House Raven Imperial Knight. I've made some good progress, still need to add the house crest to the shield though. This model is based on Daklorn, Tempered Fury from the House Raven section of the Imperial Knights codex. He is a Baron and Forge Master, hence the pattern on his shield. I like the artwork of Darklorn, because it demonstrates that House Raven Knights can look great without an abundance of black and yellow striped areas.

I feel this model is shaping up nicely, what do you think?

Hello everyone! Not long ago, a young blood from my local GW asked me for some painting tips for an Evil Sunz Ork army he wanted to do. As I had a spare ork boy lying around I decided to paint an ork boy for him as an example and encouragement for him to persevere with he's painting. The painting scheme is pretty much your generic Evil Suns colours with an addition of maroon (Screamer Pink) because the young man wanted to incorporate a maroon colour into he's miniatures. At first I was a bit skeptical about the outcome but i really liked it in the end.

Hi everyone, sorry I've been so quiet last week I was away on holiday. I did a get a little painting done. I had a break from painting black Deathwatch models and instead I've been painting Black Legion... not really a break I know! I am enjoying these more simplistic models. I love the detail on the Deathwatch but it's so draining trying to paint it all. Should finish these models soon.

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