So next up are some Wracks for my slightly neglected Dark Eldar collection. A while ago I've painted a Haemonculus who needs some company. I've assembled a squad of eight with two Ossefactors, saving up two models to make a Raider crew later. The plastic versions of these models are really enjoyable to put together, with lots of cool weapon options. My favourite model is probably the one with the three arms and two heads. What do you think?

Having recently shared my Dark Angel Scout Squad with your lovely people I thought I'd share the video tutorial I made where I explain and demonstrate how I freehand Dark Angel Chapter icons. The technique makes for interesting watching and can be adapted to paint many other Chapter icons just by breaking them down into simple geometric shapes. Give it a watch after the jump. 

Today we have a look at a model from french miniature boutique Raging Heroes. Raging Heroes started making proxy models for Warhammer and 40k a couple of years ago, and rose to fame with their two successful "The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy" Kickstarters. Kommander Malinka Kurganova makes a fine display cabinet model, or would come across well as a Commissar stand-in. Join me as I take a closer look.

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