Hey guys, when you've visited the blog today, you probably noticed our all new blog design :) We've been tinkering with this for quite a while. We are happy to be able to share the fruits of our work today. Of course, the new design doesn't only bring cosmetic changes. It brings optimisation for larger screen sizes, for touch- and retina-displays, all while the layout fluidly adapts to the size of your device. This so called "responsive" design makes it much more comfortable to enjoy Tale of Painters on your mobile devices.

But that's not all. We're also pleased to share our new Youtube channel, a handy site to find all of ThirdEyeNuke's and Garfy's video in one place. Check it out and subscribe merrily! We've also got a new Pinterest board, but we'd like to introduce that on another occasion, as we're still working on that.

We hope you enjoy the new design and if you encounter any problems, please share them in the comments along with your device, operating system and browser.

Hey guys, I managed to do some work on the final two Blood Angel Assault Marines. On the left you can see the sergeant, wielding a power sword from the Vanguard Veterans kit and an inferno pistol, on the right a marine with melter. So far I've painted the armour, now I'm working on the black and metal areas. I'm going to spend christmas at my parents' place as every year, and I'll take these models with me.

What are your plans for christmas? And did you put some models on your wish list? I'm afraid, but no plastic crack for me this christmas. I'm far too busy to work through my backlog... how about you?

Hey all, today I thought I'd show my new Tyranid Spawn of Cryptus from the recently released Deathstorm set. The model is fairly nice and comes on a new oval base. I painted this model in just over 2 hours. Which I'm quite impressed with as I think he turned out alright. After painting the model I noticed that the front horn thing on his head never existed with the model I had. Its a bit of a shame as if I had noticed before painting I would have returned the model and got a new one. But besides I guess it makes the model look a bit more unique and could always be green stuffed on. I will in the next few day show progress on my own Death Guard army also speed painted. Did anyone else pick up the Deathstorm set?

Hey all. I've got a bit more done on the Dark Angels Standard Bearer. At this stage I have finished the general sculpting of the banner shape and have given it a thin coat of black so I can spot the areas that need a little light smoothing. I think I'l also re-shape the tabs holding the banner to it's pole a little.

After that I'll be getting on with the really fun bit. Freehand painting the banner design. Oh! and attaching his other arm and backpack too.

Hey guys, I've finished another two models for my (now no longer a troop choice) Assault Squad. Thanks for all the input for the blonde hair. In the end I went with a basecoat of Averland Sunset, a wash of Army Painter Soft Tone Ink (Gryphonne Sepia) in the recesses, and highlights of P3 Menoth White Base (Ushabti Bone) and Menoth White Highlight (mix of white and Screaming Skull). It's a nice comic book blonde, yet it's different enough from the yellow helmets and knee pads. Two more models to complete, stay tuned! How do you like them?

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